Mike Viescas

Leadership in Data Engineering


I am looking to continue my career as a leader and data engineer by helping companies conquer their biggest data challenges. My focus is recruiting, training, and leading teams with a hands-on approach to design and build cloud infrastructures that deliver consistent data throughput.
For me, knowing the relationship between the data and the company goals is key. Collaborating across multiple departments to execute multipart data integrations happens because of good communication and follow-through. Trust in the data is created not only through well-designed and monitored pipelines, but also through building and documenting a data model that is accessible and accurate.
I offer the experience and temperament to lead large data projects through quality design, persistent project management, hiring great talent, hands-on training, and always being available to figure out a tricky SQL query or piece of Python code. Let me help your organization take its data to the next level.


Data Engineering

Python (pandas, numpy, requests, sql-alchemy, click, luigi) • Snowflake (Snowpipe, Continuous Data Pipelines) • DBT • Luigi • Prefect • Airflow • REST • GraphQL • Looker • Tableau


Snowflake • Redshift • BigQuery • MySQL/RDS • PostgreSQL • DynamoDB • MongoDB • Couchbase • Athena


AWS (Redshift, EC2, IAM, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS, ECS, EKS/Fargate, Kinesis/Firehose, EventBridge) • GCP (BigQuery, GCS, IAM, PubSub) • Docker • Kubernetes • Terraform

Web Development

WordPress • PHP • Flask • Django • Node • React


Agile/Scrum • JIRA Administrator • Office365/Sharepoint/Exchange Administrator • Published by HP & Microsoft Press (contributor) • Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator) • Localization • Publication


Director of Data Engineering – Digital Trends

April 2017 – July 2022

Built and maintained the python workflow application to run our data pipelines along with the cloud infrastructure necessary to support it. Recruited and trained my data engineering team. We moved a billion records a day running 1,000 pipelines through over 50 different API/file-source connections. In 2021 my team seamlessly migrated our entire data warehouse from Redshift to Snowflake. We utilized Snowplow to implement click tracking and product attribution at the post level in all our commerce content. We built an internal ID Graph to support first party data opportunities. I also put together the data governance team at Digital Trends and facilitated a company-wide data mapping project along with implementing an IAB TCF compliant CMP for GDPR/CCPA.

DevOps Manager – Kordata LLC

April 2013 – February 2017

Formed, recruited, and trained our small DevOps team to manage all existing IT responsibilities and migrate our software products to the cloud. We orchestrated highly available commercial infrastructure solutions for our mobile application product in the AWS cloud utilizing EC2, ECS, Docker, and Terraform. We also implemented detailed log monitoring and visual infrastructure analytic dashboards. My team also administered our WordPress sites and our Sharepoint cloud.

Senior Technical Writer/Developer – (Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.) HP

April 2004 – March 2013

Provided end-to-end XML content development for HP. Researched, wrote, illustrated, edited, published, and managed localization of all product documentation for the Indigo Digital Press division

Developer/Database Administrator – Electronic Data Systems

April 2001 – August 2005

Authored and maintained call center database applications in MS Access & SQL Server. Supported and extended PHP call center intranet portal with interactive maps, remote updates, and in-depth reporting.


Albertson College of Idaho – Caldwell, ID – BA in Psychology with honors, 1999


Available on my LinkedIn page. Additional references available upon request.

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