Data Leadership & Innovation

I’ve been working with data in some way my whole career. I grew up building databases under the expert tutelage of my father, John Viescas. As a junior in high school way back in 1994, I built a custom college admissions database for the college counseling office and I’ve been building and innovating with data ever since.

I started out at EDS, building Access databases for their call centers. Next, I took a sojourn into the world of mass-production XML content databases and localized publications. Then I ascended to the cloud, architecting NoSQL databases and mobile application platforms. From there, I went to the big data world of online magazines moving a billion records a day from cloud to cloud and modeling them into our data warehouse.

Along the way, I’ve built I a diverse technical background that includes extensive experience in data engineering, cloud infrastructure orchestration, software development, web development, database administration, technical writing/translation, systems administration, networking, and security.

My strengths are my diverse technical experience and high adaptability. Technology is always evolving and I’ve continually sought to evolve with it. In my career I’ve gone from hard-coding HTML, developing MS Access applications and managing terrestrial domain-based networks to working with multiple web frameworks, designing distributed NoSQL clusters, orchestrating highly available containerized cloud infrastructure systems, and designing high-throughput python-based data engineering systems. When a better way of doing things emerges, I embrace it and learn it.

Being close to the data, means being fluent in the way it is used in business. I’ve conquered HIPPA challenges and GDPR/CCPA requirements. I’ve built first-party ID graphs for our cookie-less future. I’ve harnessed the power of Snowflake to wrangle Google Analytics data and map it at the custom variable/metric level to our CMS content. I’ve learned the art of click-tracking and pixels.

Throughout my career, I’ve always enjoyed taking on the responsibility and challenges of leadership. Leadership in data is not just about the technical side of things. It means working well in groups and seeking operational efficiency through SCRUM. It means working with product owners and project leaders across departments and building trust through good communication and delivered results. To me, leadership is also about mentoring. Innovation is part of our work and that means learning together on the go. I’ve worked closely with my great team members over the years and taken much joy in watching them grow in skill and capability.

I’ve been on the cutting edge of technology and leaning into innovation my whole career. That means always being ready for what’s next.

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